Friday, May 23, 2014

English PT3 Model Paper New Format

These are the questions given for us by our PPD. I have roamed the net searching for the familiar questions but no avail. Hope this will help you.

2 Sets of Questions  Set A     Set B

UPDATED (as at 1/9/2014)

These are the sets given by our PPD in May, since then there are CHANGES. I do hope that all the readers that are searching for the PT3new format English paper will not be disappointed.

However, below I enclose the answers for Set A. There is no answer for Set B as right after that I was in confinement period.

You can check the answer for set A here.

UPDATED :  (As at 25 Sept 2016)

This page is quite a hit on the Google if you are searching for PT3 English paper. I enclosed a 2016 Trial Paper Kedah with answer scheme (refer here) so that your search is not futile.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Testing using Bloggeroid

This is the second android apps that i used to write blog. This is my first attemp using this application.

posted from Bloggeroid


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