Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Tracing and coloring shapes

Nurin hari ni buat tracing dan colorkan shapes.. Tapi dia still tak confident nak gariskan sendiri kecuali yang bulat.

Adik macam biasa, sibuk nak kaco kakak..

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Bahan Pembelajaran FROZEN - free

Bila sedang mengGoogle, terjumpa laman web ni, ada bahan pembelajaran bertema FROZEN. Mama Nurin yang excited lebih. Terus save dan print.

Kalau nak juga, boleh lawati web ni.  ada banyak bahan pembelajaran lain juga.

Layout plan

Ni la layout rumah kami. just extend sikit aja bahagian belakang rumah tu. tah upah pelukis pelan pon, just buat ikut mana yang suka.

bukaan extension tu, menganjur ke belakang 13 kaki, ada bilik menjahit, bilik air, sebuah bilik dan ruang makan dan dapur serta stor di luar. Bahagian dapur lama ditukarkan jadi stor dalaman dan bilik air, bilik air dan tandas dipecahkan untuk buat lorong.

Ni pula lakaran kitchen. Ni design awal, bila dan siap pasang dinding, tambah pula panjang kabinet tu.. Haha..

aksesori kabinet dapur

Hari ni pi nak p beli hood, hob dan oven. Sambil tu survey aksesori kabinet dapur sekali. Ni semua aksesori idaman yang kononnya nak diletakkan di dalam kabinet dapur nanti. Tapi memandangkan dah tahu harganya, alahai mahalnya.

Rak botol RM198.00

Laci pinggan RM299.00

Pantry Idaman - RM720.00. Harga rak saja, tak termasuk kabinet.. huhuu.. mahainya...

Ni kedainya, Heng Foong, area Hotel Grand Alora atau Tesco Mergong, Alor Setar.

Day 2 renovation

Pssang tiang la..

Learning Shapes

the original page is here.

Shape Activities for Toddlers (printable)

My toddler has been spending a lot of time exploring shapes lately.  I wanted some super simple “craft” ideas that didn’t require a lot of preparation on my part to fill those random fussy moments when we need *something* new to do.  I made some simple shape outlines that we could use as a starting point for these activities.
Try some of these easy ideas to set up an opportunity to create and talk about shapes at the same time!
Color the shapes –  It doesn’t get any simpler or no-prep than this!  Provide a variety of coloring materials and allow your little Picasso to color (in, on, around) the shape.  My daughter seems to LOVE  colored pencils lately, but crayons or washable markers are also a hit.  Or, to change it up a bit, put it in a page protector and let your little one use a dry-erase marker to color and re-color the shape.
Stickers –  Whip out some stickers from your stash (dollar stores are a great place to stock up!) and encourage your little one to put stickers inside the shape or on the outline (depending on their ability level).  I was really surprised how well Sophie did when I encouraged her to put her stickers inside the square – we had never done anything like that before and she did a great job!
Playdoh –  Stick the template inside a page protector and help them roll playdoh into “snakes” and outline the shape.  Or, if your child is like mine and making little balls is the playing method of choice, count little playdoh balls as they place them inside the shape.
Paint –  Painting is a sure-fire way to stave off a tantrum in our house.  The easiest way for me is to get out the Do-A-Dot paints, but finger painting, painting with a paintbrush, or using other random items to paint is also lots of fun.  We have used sponges or cotton balls, but you could also use a feather or leaf, a toilet paper roll molded into a shape, or even plastic shapes from shape sorters as a stamp.
Stamp –  Grab a washable ink pad and a fun stamp or two and allow your little ones to decorate the shape with their stamps.
Glue –  Gluing is probably the favorite “craft” for my daughter.  You can either fill the shape with something like tissue or construction paper pieces, or help your little ones outline the shape with something fun like pasta, candy pieces, or beans.  My daughter will help me “squeeze” the liquid glue along the outline and then place the objects along the glue.  Again, I was surprised how well she did this when given the opportunity.  The possibilities for this are endless!

You have to go to the original page to get the shape template or just draw one ypurself.

Other ideas :

My e moderator

This is the picture of my e-moderator for my group. Tara Beiswanger, a Canadian. She is very pretty and soft spoken. She came because many of my course members did not complete the module given and some were not even started anything!

Sunday, February 15, 2015

My substitute Pro Elt trainers

This is Martha, a native speaker educator for KMY. She is from Hungary but we can understand her English perfectly well because her husband is an American. She jsut cover for our original trainer, Shawn, who still stuck with his imigration pnroblems.

In my opinion, she was quite strict and treated us like kids. She forbids us to talk among ourselves at all and forbid us to use handphone or lapton in class. It was not like we play it all the time! Evenmore, she devised so many activities in each section of the module,so it was quite weary and time consuming. She only managed to finish a module the the week. In positive note, the activites are applicable in classroom.

This is Gary, a Scottish. We like him. But he was dress in this black vest and white long sleeve and black trousers the same as the hotel waitress. Maybe a fashion downfall for us but he was unpurtubed.

This is Henry, a South African. His accent is difficult to understand. He was energetic. The picture was taken when he was role playing having a telephone conversation with my fellow coursemate.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Pro Elt Course - my trainers

Ive been back to the pro elt course again! The course started at 5 February 2015 at the same place - The Regency Hotel, A, Setar for a whole month.

Here are the pictures of my trainers.

Tom, a Scottish who has a difficult to understand accent but quite jovial during teaching.

Next to him is Marta, a Hungarian. She was quite strict and forbids us to use our handphone and asked us to quit talking  during her lesson.

Next is David who is a South African. His accent is understandable but he always puff around.

We had several trainers because our original trainer, Shawn had visa problem and had to settle it first. He will be back in the second week.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Examagram vs APTIS test

Today, Martha, our trainer instructed us to log on to the examagram website. It is a certified English test or examination that allows you to accurately and quickly assess your English competence. First, we have to log in and then an email will be sent for us, giving the link of the test.

My friends and I each got different set of questions. There are 60 questions and we must answer in 30 minutes. the questions are in multiple choice and we answered by clicking the choice given. I managed to answer 58/60 questions and astounded to get this band. C1!

The band is the same as APTIS test which means I got better marks but it did not reflect the APTIS test because in APTIS test there are listening and speaking sections too.

Mee sotong sedap - Permatang Pauh

Hari sabtu, hari jalan jalan dengan famili. Kami berhenti makan di depan UITM, Permatang Pauh. Sedap sangat.. Mamak style.

Friday, February 6, 2015

Renovations- Day 1

Day 1 - Bertuah sekarang musim panas, jadi harapnya dapat siapkan rumah dengan cepat.

pokok cermai yang berbuah lebat tu kena tebang. pokok pisang emas tu pon.

Pagar digulung supaya senang lori nak masuk untuk hantar barangan. Pokok pisang jari kura berbuah sulungyang ada dua tandan tak sempat nak penuh tandan, dah kena langgar dek lori.


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