Thursday, October 13, 2011

English Entry

I want to start writing again. My English is a bit rusty and dusty. Every day I use English to write but mainly commentating students’ assignments or to teach or to make lesson plans. Other than that - NIL.

I discovered that my writing had been downgraded and my vocabulary was limited. I rarely found new vocab (not that I already mastered them all) and yet, when I find something new, I didn’t have energy nor zest to jot it down in my vocab book, find the meaning in dictionary, copy the sentences and practice writing/speaking using the new words.

I’m such a liar, drilling the students to do the same, but I’m not doing it.

From now on, I will turn over a new leaf. I will make sure my vocab increase and done everything I ask my students to do. So that one day I will be a better teacher.


The last time I written a full time diary was 3 years ago, when I’m still teaching in Sarawak.

But in the last couple of years, I was writing on off. Last time I wrote when I’m expressing anger, sad and misery – my mood on the time being. But after that I tend to go on my gloomy feeling on my own without the help of my beloved diary.


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