Friday, January 12, 2018

RPH PSV Tingkatan 2 KSSM 2018 dengan drop down menu

Ni la RPH PSV saya, saya hanya mengajar PSV 2 kelas PSV Tingkatan 2 tahun ni kerana seorang guru B.Inggeris kami telah berpindah awal tahun.

Seperti biasa, RPH saya mestilah mempunyai drop down menu. 

Rancangan Pengajaran Tahunan Pendidikan Seni Visual Tingkatan 2 KSSM 2018

Sharing juga.. 

utk download klik sini

Scheme of Work English Form 3 2018 / RPT Bahasa Inggeris tingkatan 3 2018

This is my own SOW for form 3 English 2018. 

to download

Divider / Separator Mingguan RPH Kumpulan A & B 2018

Divider Fail RPH Kumpulan A & B 


sumbangan : 
Saiful Azrie Bin Sahari,
SK Ulu Sungai Siong, Sibu.

2. sumbangan 
Norazlynn ahmad dari tcher's collection



Nik Mahzon dari t'chers collections
download sini


Hayati Hsuin dari Tchers' collection
  Kumpulan A & B 

download dari

Akhir sekali ni ;ah yang saya gunakan.. pinkish and flowery gitu..

dikongi daripada laman web ni.. . sangat berguna sebab laman web ni juga kongsi pelbagai bahan lagi.. boleh p tengok.

untuk download divider ni. depa sediakan dua design dan pastinya tersedia juga utk kumpulan A dan B.

Monday, January 8, 2018

FORM 1 Lesson plan : Lesson 3&4

In the provided SOW, the activity and materials mention was about the Candy's shopping trip. However, no material can be found across the internet. So, after I checked in the CEFR group also they could find no material, I google about any shopping trip.

it also provide a video. I did not show it to pupils because of the time constraint.

This simple reading material caught my eyes. It is from British council. It is simple and easily understood by my average to low proficiency pupils. Furthermore, it also cater the learning standard about coordinating conjunction and pronouns reference. Plus simple past tense in lesson 4.

FORM 1 Lesson plan - lesson 2 material

CEFR SECONDARY telegram group

 There was a comment by a new teacher about the group that she could join to get information about CEFR. There was one that I found really helpful. It was CEFR (S) MALAYSIA (SECONDARY).

There are more than 3k teachers in that group and they are sharing a lot of information and more importantly how to carry out the lessons and of course the materials! 

Do join them in telegram. Just pm one of the admin listed as the picture shown. When you are accepted, PLEASE scroll up a bit and read through the previous conversation. DO CHECK the shared files first because there are a lot of materials there. Repeated questions are highly discourage and sometimes they do rebuke the teachers who asked to be spoon feed.. 

See you there...


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